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Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE

Paul is an award-winning wildlife photographer, guiding photographer-led safaris around the world and specialising in Africa. He lives and works in Arusha, Tanzania where he is near the wildlife action.

Living and working in Africa, and as a fluent Swahili speaker, Paul has a deep understanding and appreciation for conservation and wildlife. His passion for conservation also led him to start the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, now one of the worlds most publicised photography competitions with its aim to positively promote awareness of conservation issues around the world. He is also a very keen sportsman although, by his own admission, he is way more enthusiastic than skilled. He does enjoy, however, trying to explain the rules of cricket to any unlucky person who listens. 

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Jombi Kivuyo

Jombi has guided safaris for clients around the world, as well as many international media organisations. His knowledge and experience have attracted the likes of National Geographic, which continues to ask him to guide their expeditions in Tanzania.

As a member of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania, Jombi always desires to enrich his knowledge of ecology. He looks forward to leading his guests in discovering the amazing ecology, wildlife and cultural heritage of Tanzania and Africa in general. Apart from guiding, he does presentations about wildlife conservation at schools and at events in Germany and the USA.  Jombi speaks English, German, Swahili and Maa.

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Eliza Powell

Eliza Powell started her career working for the London Picture Desk of Reuters News Agency. She has since lived in Botswana and then Tanzania, since 2004, where she works as a photographer and videographer.

Her work has been commissioned by safari companies within the region, for whom she has created photo and video marketing materials to highlight and promote Tanzania and its wildlife and national parks. She has also been commissioned to document a range of projects for NGOs and non-profit organisations, specializing in child and maternal health and gender-based issues. When not traveling armed with way too much camera equipment, she lives on a coffee farm on the slopes of Kilimanjaro.

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Richard Knocker

Professional guide, naturalist. Passionate about conservation, rewilding and cheese.

RIchard was born and brought up in East Africa, with a very intrepid mother who dragged the whole family on safari each holiday. The one golden rule - don't tell Dad! Safari is in his blood. He is a Gold-rated Kenya Professional Safari Guide, the only one in Tanzania. Don't worry if the animals are being shy, there is always so much else to entertain and intrigue from birds to bees, flowers and tracks and they are all connected in Nature's Grand Plan.